This Weeks Top Virus Ripples Through Wealth Management

16 Mar    Investing News

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  1. Lincoln Financial Quarantines Advisors/Employees Who Attended Conference
    Independent broker-dealer held national meeting at conference center attended by a person who contracted the coronavirus.
  2. CoronaCrash: Merrill Lost Market-Data Feed Amid Rout, Wells San Fran Broker Quarantined
    FactSet, the main feed of market data to Merrill Lynch brokers, went down early Monday due to overwhelming market volume, Robinhood failed again and a Wells advisor is quarantined.
  3. Back in the Game: Morgan Stanley Adds Brokers with More than $14 Mln
    J.P. Morgan Securities trio in New York producing $9.5 million, $4.5 million Wells advisor in Pennsylvania and Merrill veteran in DC jumped last week amid market tumult.
  4. Investor Lawyers Gear Up Amid Market Rout
    Arbitration and other complaints against brokers and firms are expected to soar after more than a decade of bull-market quiescence.
  5. Leveraging Sow’s-Ear Markets Into Silk Purses
    Brokers and advisers should reach out to nervous investors with calming words, and some who were fortuitously recommending cash are marketing their savvy to prospects.

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