Nerds Eye View 2019 Reader Survey Your Input Is Requested

26 Nov    Investing News

The past year has been one of major reinvestments back into the platform and the Nerd’s Eye View blog, with a significant expansion to “Team Kitces”, in our ongoing attempt to make this site an ever-more-valuable resource for the financial advisor community, and especially all of you, our readers. But to make sure that we’re staying on track with the right focus, we ask all of you, every year, for feedback about what you want to make this website even better for you!

Over the years, your reader feedback has shaped everything from the visual design of the blog (from its original dense small font!) the comment system we use, to the expansion of our Members section to offer CFP and IMCA/IWI CE credits, and now CPE credits for accountants as well for Nerd’s Eye View blog posts, the launch of the Financial Advisor Success podcast, our popular Advisor #FinTech Map, and our newest “Master List” of all the major Financial Advisor conferences in the industry.

But we’re not done. There’s always more we can do. Which is why, every year, we conduct a reader feedback survey of all of you who read this blog, to get your thoughts and feedback about everything we currently offer, your perspective on some new ideas we’re considering, and to take in whatever other input you’re willing to share (good or bad!) about what we could do to make this a more valuable site (and a better user experience) for you.

So regardless of what kind of reader you are: an advisor, an individual consumer who reads this blog for your own benefit, a related professional that works with financial advisors, or associated with a vendor who serves advisors… I hope you’ll participate in this year’s survey. It’s only 12 questions, should take no more than a few minutes, and will remain open until the end of next week.

Thanks in advance for taking a few minutes to access our Reader Survey below, and share your feedback!   🙂

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