Kitces amp Carl Ep 22 Simplifying Your Life By Building Habits And Kitces Travel Tips

5 Dec    Investing News

Traveling can be an extremely taxing activity, and, especially now with the holidays in full swing, managing travel stress is a high priority for many people. Ironically, though, the source of much of this stress is not actually the travel itself – it’s often more about preparing to travel! Because in this day and age of abundant high-tech tools designed to make our lives easier and more efficient, it’s easy to instead become overwhelmed with all of the options available without knowing how to best select (and use!) the right set of tools to help us with our needs in the first place.

In our 22nd episode of Kitces & Carl, Michael Kitces and financial advisor communication expert Carl Richards talk about some easy ways to cope with travel by taking a look at how Michael keeps his own travel routines as simple as possible.

With the fall season of financial advisor conferences finally slowing down, Michael discusses some of the key habits he uses to manage his own hectic travel schedule. From how he keeps multiple “Kitces-blue” shirts on hand (so he doesn’t need to spend time planning out different wardrobe styles!), to having at least two of everything else he needs to make his pre-travel preparation as simple as possible. And instead of using multiple tech tools that need to coordinate information between different apps and devices, he relies simply on Google Calendar to keep track of all of his travel information including flight schedules, lodging details, and meeting times. Perhaps most importantly, though, is how Michael prioritizes getting enough sleep every night, so that he can physically keep up with the demands of his workload, which involves juggling his roles in multiple businesses.

Ultimately, the key point is that travel doesn’t have to be complicated, and by creating easy habits for yourself and consciously minimizing the cognitive load required to set up (and remember) a good travel routine, neither does planning or preparing for travel. Identifying essential needs and developing simple and easy-to-follow systems to meet those needs, will make it easier to implement an efficient travel strategy without getting bogged down with overly complicated tech tools or elaborate processes.

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