Announcing New Members Section Tiers And Re-Visioning Nerds Eye View For The 2020s

15 Jan    Investing News

When the 2010s began, the primary business of was selling $149/year subscriptions to The Kitces Report, our paid monthly newsletter on advanced financial planning topics that provided CFP CE credit. And ‘on the side’ we launched the Nerd’s Eye View blog, as a way to share content on industry trends and practice management – content that might help advisors to be more successful but wouldn’t necessarily be eligible for CFP CE.

Over the past decade, though, the Nerd’s Eye View blog grew exponentially – now to more than 250,000 unique visitors every month – driving a shift of our content to be increasingly available for free through the blog, and The Kitces Report to become part of a broader “ Members Section” that offered fewer newsletter issues but also with other ways to earn CE credit (including CE credits for the Nerd’s Eye View blog and a growing library of webinars).

Now, however, the growth of the platform is allowing us to expand the Members Section even further. Beginning in February, our Basic tier will provide a series of new webinars available every month (in addition to CE opportunities for our Nerd’s Eye View blog content), and the Premier tier will gain access to all of our webinar (and The Kitces Report) archives, a new Kitces Graphic Library for advisors to use our blog graphics with their clients and prospects, and a new private Members-Only Office Hours for the advisor community to ask questions of Michael and the team directly. In addition, will soon be part of a pilot program to develop written CFP Ethics CE, which should become available to both Basic and Premier tiers in the second quarter!

To support the growth of the Members Section, we’re also excited to announce a number of new additions to the team, including Erica Crane as our new Senior Technical Editor, Matt Nelson as our new Director of Advisor Education, and promotions for Jeff Levine (now officially our ‘Lead Financial Planning Nerd’) and for Rachel Zeller (from Operations Manager to Managing Director)… with more hires anticipated in the coming year as we continue to expand the services to the advisor community!

As ultimately, the reality is that we’re still just getting started here at While the decade of the 2010s was about a mission of “Advancing Knowledge in Financial Planning”, in the 2020s we’re expanding our mission further to “Helping Financial Advisors Be Better, And More Successful” – better in the technical knowledge of financial planning and the skills to deliver that advice, and more successful in your career, your business, or whatever it is that ‘success’ means to you. Which means in the 2020s you’ll see not only our ongoing educational Nerd’s Eye View content, but also more Research on best practices in being a successful financial advisor, more Resources to help you be successful in your career or business, and new programs to help you further build your financial planning skills.

I’m so thankful to all of you, our readers, for joining us on the journey this far, and I can’t wait to share more of what we’re working on in years to come!

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