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Oct 16

Chuck Trafton, EDLY ISA

Every now and again, I come across someone I want to interview but they aren’t quite the right fit for MiB. Either the firm is too new or the assets too small or some other issue comes up. That was the case with Chuck Trafton, a fund manager for FlowPoint Capital near Boston who I […]
Oct 16

1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe

During October, I like to focus on the cars I would be happy to put in my garage and drive. I have admired the Chevy Corvette Stingray from afar, but never really thought of owning one. Plastic (fiberglass) where steel and aluminum should be, tending towards creaky, rattles and other issues. Except the second generation (C2) […]
Oct 16

10 Friday AM Reads

My end of week morning train WFH reads: • As Virus Spread, Reports of Trump Administration’s Private Briefings Fueled Sell-Off A hedge fund consultant’s summary of private presentations by White House economic advisers fanned investor worries. (NYT) see also Chanos on private White House hedge fund briefings early 2020: ‘Torches and pitchforks are undervalued.’ Famed […]